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Dragon Boat Festival Feast

Traditional Village Celebration

in Our Original Stone Farmhouse at Mutianyu Great Wall

Xiaolumian, Beigou Village, Beijing, China


Tuesday 30 May 2017

Live Folk Music & Snacks from 12:00  

Casual Buffet Dinner Served from 12:00-16:00


Adults Rmb 178 advance pay or 198 on arrival, Children 4 to 12 Rmb 88 advance or 98 on arrival, Under 4 Free

Book advance tickets online. Lodging Guests May Settle Bill at Check Out

Limited Seating, Reservations Required: 6162-6506 or info@theschoolhouseatmutianyu.com

Updated 15 June 2015 Subject to Change Without Notice


Cold Dishes

Relish Tray 小料

Snowy Doufu 小葱拌豆腐

Ganbian Beef 干煸牛肉

Smoked Trout 烟熏虹鳟鱼

Homemade Pickled Vegetables 自制咸菜

Shredded Raw Cucumber 拍黄瓜

Fresh Cut Tomatoes 西红柿片


Zongzi 粽子

Traditional Three-Cornered Savory Rice Wraps


Hot Dishes

Braised Cabbage 炒圆白菜

Chicken with Ginger 鸡丝姜丝酱

Egg Sauce with Dried Peppers鸡蛋酱

Zhajiang  Sauce 炸酱

Eggplant Sauce  茄子酱

Mushroom Sauce蘑菇酱



3 Kinds of Homemade Noodles 三种面条

Steamed Rice  蒸米饭

Vegetarian Jiaozi 蔬菜饺子

Xiaolumian Condiments

Chopped Cilantro香菜  Green Onions小葱  Pickled Ginger 姜丝  Fried Garlic 炸蒜

Roasted Sesame Seeds烤芝麻  Homemade Chili Oil with Black Beans & Garlic, 自制辣椒油

Sesame Oil with Salt香油



Apricots 杏

Almond Doufu 杏仁豆腐


Barley Tea大麦茶  Water  Soft Drinks软饮  Beer啤酒  White Lightning白酒