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Mid-Autumn Festival Feast

Traditional Village Celebration and Moon Viewing

in Our Stone Farmhouse at Mutianyu Great Wall


Wednesday October 4th 2017

Xiaolumian, Beigou Village, Beijing, China


Live Folk Music & Snacks from 17:00

Casual Buffet Dinner Served from 18:00


Cold Dishes

Relish Tray

Snowy Doufu, Ganbian Beef, Smoked Trout

Homemade Pickled Vegetables

Shredded Raw Cucumber

Fresh Cut Tomatoes


Hot Dishes

Stewed Pork with Fresh Crop Chestnuts

Braised Cabbage, Blanched Fall Greens

Chicken with Ginger, Egg Sauce with Dried Peppers

Zhajiang  Sauce, Eggplant Sauce, Mushroom Sauce



3 Kinds of Homemade Noodles

Steamed Rice

Our Own Sesame Shaobing

Pork-Stuffed Jiaozi



Xiaolumian Chicken Soup

Hand-milled Corn Gruel


Xiaolumian Condiments

Chopped Cilantro, Green Onions, Pickled Ginger, Fried Garlic, Roasted Sesame Seeds

Homemade Chili Oil with Black Beans & Garlic, Sesame Oil with Salt




Fresh Whole Fruit



Complimentary Barley Tea, Water, Soft Drinks, Beer, Rice Wine & White Lightning


Adults Rmb 198, Children 4 to 12 Rmb 98, Under 4 Free

Payment is Requested at the Door

Lodging Guests May Settle Bill at Check Out


Limited Seating, Reservations Required: 6162-6506 or info@brickyardatmutianyu.com

8 July 2016 Subject to Change Without Notice