Retreat at Mutianyu Great Wall
Opening Season
March - January

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+86 10 6162-6506

Beigou Village, Huairou District

Beijing, China


The Brickyard was built on the footprint of a traditional glazed tile factory. We redeployed existing buildings to new uses and built new structures from scrapped materials to the extent possible. We adopted local materials including native field stone, slate, gravel, brick and fruitwoods in the design. We employed local builders and craftsmen to realize the design.

The design maximizes natural light and ventilation and incorporates insulation and thermal-paned windows and doors throughout. The lighting is nearly 100 per cent LED with some fluorescent. Hot water production is decentralized and uses a combination of storage units and in-line heaters. Heating and air-conditioning is produced and controlled in each room. Electricity usage is monitored.

Water is conserved through selectable toilet flushing and rainforest showerheads. Phase 2 includes a grey water processing system and we are exploring adding rainwater recovery. Water usage is monitored.

We serve foods homemade from scratch using mainly local ingredients. We compost our organic waste, including grass slippers not taken away as souvenirs by our guests. We operate a kitchen garden on organic principles.

We use bulk soaps and shampoos. We do not offer pre-packaged amenities. We do not serve or sell plastic-bottled water. We change linens only on request or weekly. We recycle waste fiber, glass, and plastic generated from our operations.

Nearly 100 per cent of our staff and 40 per cent of our managers are local people from our own township. We preferentially source goods and services from local suppliers. For example, a tailor in an adjacent village makes our spa pajamas, kitchen uniforms, and other textile items.

We are aware that our performance as an eco-retreat is far from perfect. We are actively engaged in continuing to improve our performance as a responsible and sustainable enterprise.